Notes on Zhang Zai Ji

The Text

Our electronic text is based on the 1978 Zhonghua Shuju edition. The numbers in brackets such as this,【12】, which appear throughout the electronic text, refer to the page numbers in this edition.

Numbers in brackets such as this,(一), are footnotes; click on the number to read the footnote. In the footnote section, clicking “Return to Page X” will return you to that page in the main text.

Characters in angled brackets such as this,〈通〉, are corrections or emendations made by the editors. The reason for the correction is usually given in a footnote.

Characters in braces such as this,{「戍爻午行克吒成行陰陽之氣而已矣。」韓本有此一段。}, are notes or possible additions made by the editors. In the original, printed text, they appear in a smaller font.


We have scanned and proofread the entire Zhang Zai Ji, but as of February 1998, only the Zheng Meng has been formatted and put on the web. If you would like access to the remainder of the text before I finish the formatting, please email me.