Notes on Zhuzi Yulei

The Text

Our electronic text is based on 1986 Zhonghua Shuju edition (Beijing, 1986). The numbers in brackets which appear throughout the electronic text refer to the page numbers in this edition.


At least three kinds of imperfections remain our version of the text. First are (inevitable) proofreading lapses. We believe that these are fairly rare and quite minor.

The second and third kinds of problems are both marked in the text with brackets and an asterisk. In one case, a character is missing; in another case, a character is incorrect. We hope to improve the text in this regard sometime in the future., a character is incorrect. Most of these are instances of the Big-5 character set not containing the needed character, though some may be due to our running out of time to track down obscure characters. If anyone notices any of this last type, please let us know.

We hope that we will have the time and funding to remove as many of these imperfections as possible in coming months. We believe that the text as it stands is a tremendous resource, though certainly one that can be made even better.