On-Line Resources

We collect here on-line resources related to teaching and research on Neo-Confucianism. Please share any suggested additions with us, and see also this site’s page specifically on Teaching Neo-Confucianism.

Electronic Texts

  • Hong Kong Society of Humanities (香港人文哲學會) page of Song-Ming Texts (網上宋明哲學經典) — the most complete on-line collection of Neo-Confucian era texts that we have found.
  • Chinese Text Project — a terrific resource for all students of Chinese philosophy, though with fewer texts from the Neo-Confucian era.
  • Now somewhat outdated, but the Wesleyan Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive can still be useful because many of its texts contain pagination corresponding to commonly used editions (including English translations), and it includes some important Neo-Confucian texts.
  • For those with access through their institutions, the electronic Siku Quanshu (四庫全書) provides access to a huge range of Neo-Confucian texts.
  • For traditional Chinese versions of Buddhist texts, the most widely used site is CBETA, which requires a subscription. The Hong Kong Society of Humanities offers free access to the most influential Buddhist texts in the Wei-Jin Period and the Sui and Tang dynasties, as well as traditional Chinese translations of important Indian Buddhist texts.

Encyclopedia Articles

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy