Teaching Neo-Confucianism

This is the main page where we collect ideas and materials related to teaching Neo-Confucianism, especially as oriented around the approach of our book. A key feature of the book is that we present Neo-Confucianism topically based on key ideas, rather than chronologically based on key individuals. To understand why and for some initial thoughts on how to teach Neo-Confucianism this way, please see our short essay “Teaching Neo-Confucianism Topically,” reproduced from pages 217-219 of our book.


  • Angle’s 2016 “Neo-Confucian Chinese Philosophy” syllabus, with full reading assignments and detailed discussion questions: download here.
  • Tiwald’s “Confucian and Buddhist Philosophy” syllabus, the majority of which focuses on Neo-Confucianism: download here.

Teaching Modules:

  • Two-class module on the Korean Four-Seven Debate (based on Angle’s syllabus listed above): download here.

Blog Posts on Teaching Neo-Confucianism: