Post-Classical Confucian E-texts

Song (宋) through Qing (清) Texts

Zhou Dunyi (周敦頤)

Zhang Zai (張載)

Zhu Xi (朱熹)

  • Zhuzi Yulei (朱子語類), Notes on Text and Edition
  • Zhuzi Yulei (朱子語類), Parts 1-6 (Metaphysics: 理氣,鬼神,性理)
  • Zhuzi Yulei (朱子語類), Parts 7-13 (On Learning: 學)
  • Zhuzi Yulei (朱子語類), Parts 14-18 (On the Great Learning: 大學)
  • Note that the full Zhuzi Yulei can be searched at here.

Wang Yangming (王陽明)

  • Notes on Text and Edition (coming soon)
  • Chuan Xi Lu (傳習錄), Part One (卷上)
  • Chuan Xi Lu (傳習錄), Part Two (卷中)
  • Chuan Xi Lu (傳習錄), Part Three (卷下)

Dai Zhen (戴震)

Late Qing(清) and Republic Texts

Tan Sitong (譚嗣同)

Liang Qichao (梁啟超)

The following texts were prepared by Kyoto University’s Human Sciences Research Institute. They are the results of an automatic conversion from JIS to Big-5, and the editor also notes that the proof-reading process is not yet complete. Still, if used with care they may be helpful. I will update these texts if and when better versions become available.